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Lesson 1 Recruitment
Key Vocabulary
Reading Comprehension: Job Advertisements
Reading: Job Ads: Reading between the lines
The Curriculum Vitae
Grammar: Expressing Contrasts
Vocabulary: Recruitment
Lesson 2 The Interview
Key Vocabulary
The letter of Application
The Interview
Writing - Answering Interview Questions
Listening - What is wrong?
Grammar - Relative Clauses
Vocabulary - The Interview
Lesson 3 Management Styles
Key Vocabulary
Reading Comprehension - Management Styles
Grammar - Obligations
Vocabulary: Management Vocabulary
Lesson 4 Marketing & Advertising
Key Vocabulary
Adverts (Slogans)
Reading: Hollywood Stars come to Spain
Listening: Coca Cola to drop advertising in Schools
Grammar - The Passive
Vocabulary: Marketing and Advertising
  Word puzzle
Lesson 5 Franchising
Key Vocabulary
Reading: Mc Donald's
Reading - Franchising Case Studies
Grammar - Gerund or Infinitive
Vocabulary - Franchising
Lesson 6 Accounting
Key vocabulary
Banking & Exercise
Don't bank on it!
Grammar - Expressions with Get
Vocabulary - Accounting
Word Puzzle
Lesson 7 Insurance
Key Vocabulary
Reading - Do you really need to be quoted happy?
Grammar - The Conditional
Vocabulary - Insurance
Lesson 8 Retailing
Key Vocabulary
Reading - Thanks for the gift, now how do I get what I really want?
Grammar - Idioms
Vocabulary - Retailing
Lesson 9 Stocks & Shares
Key Vocabulary
Reading - New York Stock Exchange to float
Grammar: Describing Economic Trends
Reading - Cuffley Football Club in shares launch
Grammar: Comparatives & Superlatives
Vocabulary - The Stock Exchange
Lesson 10 Starting up a new business
Key vocabulary
Reading - You and your ideas
Quiz - How do you rate as an entrepreneur?
Writing - Business plan
Vocabulary - Starting up a business
Lesson 11 Business & the environment
Key Vocabulary - Definitions
Listening - Recycling
Reading - Green energy will never meet needs, says Exxon
Grammar - Indefinite and Definite Article
Vocabulary - Business and the environment
Lesson 12 International Trade
Key Vocabulary
Reading - G8s free trade project is here to stay - along with world poverty
Listening - How different countries approach business
Grammar - Correcting Mistakes
Lesson 13 Stress and Stress Management
Key vocabulary
Quiz - How stressed are you?
Reading - Stress at work costs economy 100bn a year
Grammar - Sentence Transformation Exercises
Listening - How to eliminate stress
Vocabulary - Stress
Lesson 14 Telephone English
Answering the phone
Introductions and Greetings
Grammar Point
Starting Conversation
Vocabulary - Telephone & Social English
Lesson 15 Writing e-mails
How to start an e-mail
Difference between writing a letter and an e-mail
Writing - Changing a letter into an e-mail
Lesson 16 How to make a speech
Techniques & Exercise
Writing a speech
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