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How to erase stress

Before you can cope with stress, you need to recognize the effects, which can manifest themselves emotionally, psychologically, and physically.




Stress is caused by how we respond to events, not by the events themselves. Therefore, to effectively manage stress, you must control stressful situations and find positive outlets for when stress builds up.

To help manage stress, you can:

a) Get away. If you begin to feel the effects of stress, take a break. Getting away, if even for a couple of minutes, will help you relax, catch your breath, and return with a clearer head.

b) Limit the events in your diary. Reduce the number of events you attend. It's impossible to be everywhere, so decide which events you must attend, to which ones you can send a representative, and which ones you can skip.

c) Get organized. Your office can be the most stressful area. Reduce that by labelling, filing, scheduling, and planning ahead.

d) Take one step at a time. Looking at your entire workload can cause you to get worked up. Avoid that by concentrating on one task at a time, if possible.

e) Find support. Everyone needs someone with whom he or she can talk. Spouses, colleagues, or friends can be supportive during stressful times. Use the resources of your local, regional, state, and national associations when looking for support.

f) Do it now. Procrastinating only prolongs the inevitable and could lead to a more stressful situation later.

g) Relax. Meditate, practice yoga, or get a massage.

h) Eat right. Good nutrition helps reduce tension. So grab an apple instead of a doughnut or chocolate bar.

i) Get enough sleep. Sleeping allows your body time to recuperate. Make sure you are giving your body the time it needs. Don't be shy about taking naps.

j) Exercise. Working out is a great way to relieve stress and stay in shape.

k) Reward yourself. Take some time to reward yourself for all that work. Go to the cinema, go for dinner with friends. Whatever you decide, you deserve it.



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