Grammar - Sentence Transformation Exercises

Sentence Transformation Exercises

Sentence transformation exercises help you expand your usage skills through testing various ways of stating the same idea.

For example, the sentence 'I've lived here since 2002' can also be expressed: 'I moved here in 2002'.


Sentence Transformation Exercise

Complete the following sentences so that they mean the same as the original sentence.

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1)Katherine keeps making long distance telephone calls. Katherine is
2)James ate luch before we arrived. By the time
3)Is there such a thing as happiness? Does
4)I haven´t eaten Sushi for years. It´s
5)I didn´t know about Dan´s divorce. I didn´t know that
6)His homework wonpt be sinished by the end of the day. He won´t
7)His education in none of your business. His education does
8)He´ll be at the meeting soon. It won´t be long
9)Go to the conference check in desk inmmediately on arrival
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