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Writing - Business plan

Business Plan
You have decided to set up your own business (use your own ideas). You have approached a bank for advice. They have asked you to prepare a business plan giving information about your proposed business.

Fill in the Business Plan form with all of the relevant details.



Business Plan

Business Idea

Name of business.

Type of business.

The product or service (Give a simple description of what it does).

Why is the product unique or distinct?


Personal details

Relevant work experience.



Who will work in the company?

How many people?



What is the market?

Likely customers - who are they?

Brief summary of competition.


Operation details

Where will you be based?


Equipment needed?


Financial analysis

How much money is needed to start?

Monthly profit and loss forecast for two years.

Principal risks which could affect figures?


Business objectives

What are your long term and short-term objectives?


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