Grammar - Indefinite and Definite Article


Indefinite and Definite Article

Indefinite article "A-an" is used:

1. When you mention a singular countable noun for the first time.

  • I bought a pineapple and an apple.
  • Have you seen a brown cat with long tail?


2. With professions:

  • I´m a teacher.
  • Are you a doctor?


3. With certain expressions: once a month, twice a day, etc.

  • I go to the gym once a week.
  • I drink water five times a day.
Definite article "The" is used:

1. When there is only one of something:

  • Where is the tallest building in the world?


2. When we are thinking of one particular thing.

  • I saw the boy with the red jumper. (a particular boy)


3. When it is clear in the situation which thing or person we mean.

  • I took my car to the airport. (the airport in the town).


4. Before "same".

  • I have the same tennis racket as you.


5.With certain adjectives to refer to general class of people.

  • The poor, the unemployed, the Spanish, etc.
  • The Irish love drinking beer.


6. With certain public places.

  • Last night we went to the cinema.
  • They went to the restauant then they went to the bar.
Zero Article. We do not use an article:

1. With the names of people.

  • Yesterdy I saw John.


2. With the names of continents, countries, states, islands, cities or mountains.

  • I live in Cuffley a small village in England.


3. In general statements.

  • Cats are very friendly animals.


4. In certain common prepositional phrases.

  • At home, at university, in hospital, in bed, etc.



Put in "the" / "a" / "an" where necessary. Leave a space if the sentence is already complete.

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1)There isn´t airport near my house. nearest airport is 120 miles away.
2)My uncle lives in modern house in countryside. He has very beautiful garden.
3)Last month we went to cinema four times.
4) Spiders are horrible creatures.
5)Turn off lights and keep all of doors shut.
6)Do you know Mrs Brown´s address?
7)I was not feeling very well so I called doctor?
8)Math is difficult subject.
9)We all went on holiday in caravan.
10) man left shop in a hurry.
11) apple a day keeps doctor away.
12)We have apartment in south of Spain.
13)When she rang I was in bed with television on.
14) People in Madrid are very friendly.
15)In restaurant we ate soup with bread, them tasty French dish with potatoes, followed by nicest ice cream I´ve ever had.
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