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Word puzzle

World puzzle

Read the clues and write the words downwards in the puzzle.

What are the two hidden words which goes across the middle of the puzzle to make number 13? These words (7 and 5 letters) describe a set of different goods produced by a company.

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1)The to the new product has been very good.
2)The market which the company hopes to attract is called the market.
3)A company's market can have a high or low rate.
4)A class of goods which is the product of a particular company or producer (What is your favourite of cigarette?)
5) buying is the purchasing of goods that one does not really want.
6)Market is a detailed study to find out what kinds of goods consumers want.
7) is the extent to which a company gains a share of the market.
8)Most companies have a marketing which is a plan to decide how the marketing will be carried out.
9)A market is one in which goods are easily sold.
10)This is an arrangement by which a monopoly producer gives a trader the right to sell goods in a particular area.
11)This is a sign, representing a company name which is often used as a tarde mark.
12)This is part of the market.
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