Often in e-mails the author will use abbreviations instead of writing the whole word. This method is used to save time. The most common abbreviations are as follows:

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approx. Approximately asap. As soon as possible Attn. Attention av. Average bfor. Before C.A. Chartered accountant Chq. Cheque/check Comm. Commission Corp. Corporation def. Deferred dft. Draft disc. Discount e.g. For example encl. Enclosed esp. Especially f.a.c. Fast as can f.x. Foreign exchange g.a. General average gr. Gross hgt. Height H.O. Head Office i.e. That is incl. Inclusive I.O.U. I owe you Ltd. Limited Max. Maximum N/A. Not applicable nos. Numbers p. Page Pat. Pend Patent pending PAYE. Pay as you earn Pcl. Parcel pp. Pages qty. Quantity Re. In regard to Ref. Reference RSVP. Please reply tel. Telephone UGT. Urgent Vat. Value added tax yrly. Yearly


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