Listening - What is wrong?




What is wrong?

Listen to an interviewer interviewing a candidate for a Secretarial Position within a company. The secretary will answer questions 1, 2 and 3.

  1. Why are you leaving your present job?
  2. What is important to you in a company?
  3. What are your strong points for this job?

What does she say wrong?



  1. I left my last job firstly because I felt that I had achieved a lot working with that company and that it was time to move onto a bigger company, besides the money was really bad and I think that this company offers a better salary.
  2. In a company it is important to have a cafeteria where you can go if you want a break and also clean toilets.
  3. I am an extremely hard working person. I like working alone or in a team and I like working to deadlines. You know what I mean?!
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