Starting Conversation





Starting Conversations




When you meet somebody for the first time and start a conversation, it is important to find points in common interest so that the conversation can run smoothly.

Successful conversation depends on finding a topic both people can easily talk about. One way of reaching this point is to follow a number of steps until a topic of common interest is found.

1. Opening question
2. Immediate answer
3. Follow-up question
4. Immediate answer
5. Additional comment
6. Next question
7. Topic of common interest

For Example:

-How was your trip?

-Fine, thanks

-How long are you staying in Paris?

-Two days but I would like to stay longer

-What have you visited so far?

-Oh, I have been to the Eiffel Tower and that's about it.

-The Eiffel Tower was great wasn't it.....



The following two dialogues are in the wrong order. Rearrange them to make a natural conversation.

(Haga doble click sobre los diálogos para ver las respuestas; un click vuelve a posición original)

Dialogue 1


Dialogue 2


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