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Grammar - Obligations


Obligation is expressed using must, should and have to.


Must and Have to

Must and have to is used to express a strong obligation
  1. You must do this exercise again (obligation).
  2. You musn´t smoke in the hotel (prohibition).
  3. Every night you have to do your homework (obligation).



Should is used to express a mild obligation of a suggestion

  1. You should apologize to him (mild obligation).
  2. You should go to bed before 11pm if you feel tired (suggestion).


Past obligation

Must does not have a past tense form. We use had to to express a past obligation

  1. We had to wake up early in order to take the exam.


Asking about obligation

Must is rarely found in the question form We normally use have to to ask about obligation

  1. Do we have to go to the extra class?
  2. Do I have to get up early on Sunday?



Fill in the gaps with the correct form of obligation, according to the rules.

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1)Yesterday, we go to the Natural History Museum.
2)Every I practice the piano.
3)Do they to do the exam again?
4)My mum told me that I go and see my grandma as she is not feeling well.
5)When you arrive at a hotel you sign the register.
6)You read the book if you want to find out what it is about (suggestion).
7)What time do you go to school?
8)They leave early to catch the train.
9)Guests use any electrical appliance
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