Grammar - Idioms


The use of idioms is so widespread that an understanding of these expressions is essential to successful communication.

According to (in the order of - on the authority of)

The people interviewed will be ranked according to their professional experience.

According to Claire, we do not have an English class today.


Day in day out - Day after day (constantly - continually)

During the month of April it usually rains day in day out.

Day after day I waited for a phone call from him, but he never rang.


To hand in (to submit or deliver something)

The report has to be handed in on Wednesday 5th June at the latest.

Every week the students had to hand in at least one piece of homework.


To look into (to investigate - to examine carefully)

The police are looking into the murder of a girl in the area of south London.

I will look into your grammatical mistakes.


To look on (to watch as a spectator - to observe)

We were looking on at the game as the referee sounded his whistle.

I looked on as the police took away the thief.


To look up (to find - to research)

He looked up the meaning of the word in the dictionary.

I lost his phone number so I looked it up in the phone book.


To look up to (to admire - to respect greatly)

Philip was the youngest boy in his family. He looked up to his older brothers.

Everybody looks up to the director of my company because he is a very clever person.


To look down on (to feel superior to, to think of someone as less important)

People who have a lot of money should not look down on those who do not have a lot.

Rhea constantly looked down on her class mates because she was so intelligent.



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