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Reading - Cuffley Football Club in shares launch






Listen and read the article and decide where these parts of the text belong goes:

A. These fans have followed their club's success from the bottom half of the second division to their present position at the top level of English football.

B. "It has been a lot of fun", he said, "but now I have a wife and a family and it's time to put the club on a proper footing and hand the ownership over to the people who it really should belong to - the fans".

C. On the whole, these shares are for enthusiasts of the club rather than those who want to make serious money.

D. The club's fortunes reached their lowest point in the late 1970's when they were struggling to avoid being dropped from the league altogether.

E. This launch, with the shares expected to start trading at about 2% per share, will represent a 56% in the club, with a further 22% issue planned for later in the year.


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Cuffley Football Club in shares launch.



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