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Telephone English. Answering the phone




Answering the Phone




There are a number of phrases and idioms that are used when telephoning. We are now going to look at how to answer the phone (as a secretary or receptionist).

Company Greeting - Response to greeting - Reply to question / greeting

Company Greeting:

Good morning / afternoon Queens English College (or name of company), how can I help you?

Responses to greeting:

  1. Good morning, yes can you put me through to Mr________ / extension ________ .
  2. Sorry, could you tell me if Mrs ________ has arrived?
  3. Yes, could you please tell me your Companies fax No.

Reply to question / greeting:

  1. One minute, your call is being transferred / I'm sorry he is not here today. Can I take a message?
  2. Yes, she arrived at 10:00 or No she still hasn't arrived.
  3. Of course, the number is ________

Taking Messages

When taking down messages it is very important that you get certain facts right, for example, the name, address and telephone number of the caller. If necessary you will have to ask for them:




1. Information to be clarified:

  • Could you tell me exactly what you said?

2. Ask for repetition:

  • Could I have your name again please?
  • Could you repeat that?
  • I'm sorry I didn't catch that

3. Ask for spelling:

  • Sorry, could you spell that for me please?

4. Show understanding:

  • I see
  • Right

5. Confirm:

  • Let me just repeat that, ...



A) Complete these dialogues:




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B) Choose the most appropriate response:

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  1. Can I take a message?
  2. Sarah Bond speaking
  3. Could I have your number?
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