Introductions and Greetings





Introductions and Greetings (in person)

Introductions often include these steps:

Greeting - Introduction - Response to greeting

For Example:

  • Hello - Let me introduce myself, my name's ...
  • Pleased to meet you. I'm ...


  • Good morning/Good afternoon - My name's ...
  • Nice to meet you. Mine's ...


  • How do you do? - I'm ...
  • Nice to meet you. I'm ...

Introducing someone else



Now we are going to take a look at how to introduce someone else:

Request for information - Introduction - Response

For Example:

Excuse me, could you introduce me to your colleague?
Of Course, let me introduce you to ...
Nice to meet you!


Excuse me; I haven't met your colleague
I'm sorry, this is ...
Very nice to meet you.


I don't know anyone here. You'll have to introduce me.
Of course, I'll introduce you to ...
Nice to meet you.


  1. Some introductions are more formal than others. The use of the first names indicates informality.
  2. In English-speaking countries, people usually shake hands on first meeting.

Presenting Yourself

It is very common to present yourself in terms of your job. The job defines the person. This is usually the pattern:

Question / Comment - Response - Comment / Question

For Example:

What do you do for a living?

I'm in fashion

Oh, that's interesting!


Do you work?
Yes, I'm a teacher
Not a bad job!


What do you do in your company?
Oh, I work in the marketing department
What about you?
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