Grammar - Gerund or Infinitive

Gerund or Infinitive

Gerunds are verbs used as nouns, and are formed by adding -ing to the infinitive.

  • E.g. dance - dancing, enjoy - enjoying, etc.

They are used:

1. After prepositions:

  • Before making decisions I always consult my friends.
  • I am quick at reaching conclusions.
  • After watching the film I went to bed.

2. After certain verbs (e.g. verbs of emotion Like, love, enjoy, hate, etc and verbs such as finish and stop):

  • I love walking in the park.
  • We enjoy dancing on Saturdays.
  • I finished working at three o'clock.

3. As the subject of a sentence:

  • Translating French is a challenge.
  • Eating pizza is one of my favourite hobbies.
  • Checking detail is not one of my strong points.


Infinitives are used:

1. After certain verbs:

  • To try to do something
  • To persuade somebody to do something, etc
  • To choose to do something
  • To decide to do something
  • To forget to do something
  • To promise to do something
  • To need to do something
  • To help somebody to do something
  • To hope to do something
  • To want to do something
  • To would like to do something

2. After certain adjectives:

  • Hard to do something
  • Easy to do something



Complete the following sentences using a gerund or an infinitive.

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1)I´m looking forward to on holiday.
2)She left the room without goodbaye.
3)I was surprised you at the party.
4)Do you like ?
5)It is difficult antiques.
6)We prefer seafood.
7)They managed home before dark.
8)He stopped as an accountand.
9) books, is one of my favourite hobbies.
10)I´m thinking of to Paris.
11)They always try music before to bed.
12)Thank you for me.
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