Grammar - The Conditional

The Conditional Form

a) 0 Conditional: Present + Present

  • If I go to work I use the telephone


b) 1st Conditional: Present Simple + Future (will)

  • If I go to New York I will see the Statue of Liberty.


c) 2nd Conditional: Past Simple + would + infinitive

  • If I won the lottery I would buy a big house


d) 3rd Conditional: Past Perfect + would have + past participle

  • If I had been to Paris I would have seen the Eiffel Tower.

N.B. As soon as and when can be used to mean IF.




A) Put the verb in brackets into the correct tense.

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1)I´m not tired, if I (be) tired i´d go home now.
2)I wasn´t tired last night. If I (be) tired, I would have gone home earlier.
3)It´s good that you reminded me about the party tonight. I (forget) if you (not remind) me.
4)John went to the station on time. If he (miss) the train, he (be) late for his interview.
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B) Write a sentence with if for each situation.

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1)Judy was injured in the crash because she wasn´t wearing a seatbelt
2)They didn´t get the bus because they didn´t have enough money
3)Kelly ate too much and now she feels sick
4)She didn´t drink anything all day, wich is why she is so thirsty now
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