Business and the environment. Key Vocabulary - Definitions




Key Vocabulary



Look at the following nouns and noun phrases and match them with their correct meaning:

  • Global warning
  • Environment
  • Waste
  • Pollution
  • Energy efficient
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Deforestation
  • Solar energy
  • Recycling scheme


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1) The destruction of forests resulting from excessive clearing
2) Using little energy
3) The increase in world temperatures due to the greenhouse effect
4) Plans to collect used products for treatment and re-use
5) Used, damaged or unwanted matter
6) Process of poisoning the water, air and land, especially with chemicals
7) Electrical power generated by the heat of the sun
8) The phenomenon by wich the earth´s atmosphere traps some of the sun´s heat as it radiates from the earth´s surface
9) The conditions surrounding us
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