Grammar - Expressions with Get

Expressions with Get

In English, the verb "To get" has many different meanings.


In the following sentences replace the word get with one of the verbs below.

arrive / have / become / earn / buy / catch / fetch / receive

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1)We got home late last ninght
2)Did you get myt letter?
3)She gets three hundred pounds a week
4)Can we stop for five minutes, I´m getting tired
5)I´m getting the bus at ten to eight
6)Can you get me a cup of tea please?
7)When you are the supermarket, can you get me some milk?
8)We can get something to eat at Mc Donald´s
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Get + adverb / preposition

This is used to express movement.

Put the correct adverb or preposition in the gap so that it means the same as the verb.

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1)To return. To get
2)To enter. To get
3)To escape. To get
4)To climb. To get
5)To make contact (telephone). To get
6)To remove (a stain). To get
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