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When it comes to franchising our approach is unique and starts with a rigorous selection process for potential new franchisees.

We franchise only to individuals and not to partnerships, corporations, absentee investors or families. And we ask for a level of commitment from our franchisees that equals our own.


As our success is intrinsically linked to the success of our franchisees we make a commitment that lasts not only through initial training but right through the 20 year life of each franchise agreement.

What this means is that each franchisee is provided with a Franchise consultant who will always be on hand with advice and practical help. Because we believe that even though a McDonald's franchise allows you to work for yourself that's no reason why you should ever be on your own.

And Yours

In addition to a level of financial commitment you will be required to commit your time to a training programme which takes about twelve months full time or longer if you opt to do it part time.

Training is split between restaurant experience and residential courses at our Training Centre covering areas such as team building, customer relations, people skills, business management, health and safety, hygiene and general first aid.

Now, if twelve months seems a long time, particularly as you will need to fund yourself for this time, then chances are this is not the franchise for you as our experience has proven that it takes at least this long to become competent at running a McDonald's restaurant.

The Costs

Depending on the capital you have available you can choose between two financial routes - namely the Conventional Franchise or the Business Facilities Lease (BFL).

Basically if you choose the Conventional Franchise route you can either buy an existing restaurant or open a new one with a greater financial commitment - 40% as against 25% of total purchase price - and higher start up costs attached to the latter.

The BFL on the other hand is available to people who have the right potential but not enough capital and involves using the cash flow of the restaurant to buy the franchise out within the first three years of trading.

Other than that there is a monthly rent and service fee as well as a contribution to the annual marketing spend all of which are based on a percentage of sales.




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