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Business & Culture in the UK

An Intermediate English Course



This course has been designed for students who wish to live and work in the UK. The course predominantly provides students with information on the way we conduct business in the UK but it also includes some cultural elements which will help those interested in working in the UK gain a better understanding of life in the UK.

Your teacher

Your teacher, Katie, from London, will guide you through this course by introducing the topic of each lesson and giving you advice throughout the course on how to behave in the business world.

The listenings

All of the people that appear in the listenings are native English speakers. When carrying out a listening activity, please listen a maximum of two times. The questions that accompany each listening have been designed to ensure that by the end you gain a detailed understanding of each recording.

Speaking activities

The speaking activities have been designed to follow on from the listenings. When carrying out the activities at home, it is a good idea to record yourself and listen to yourself speaking English. You will be surprised at how you can correct your own mistakes if there are any!


There are a few opportunities throughout the course for you to carry out research on specific areas. In order to carry out the research you will need a computer and the internet.


There are four assessments throughout the course. These assessments are designed to test what you have learned throughout the course. You should take each assessment seriously and study the previous relevant lessons to achieve well in each one.

Good luck and enjoy the course!


Lecc. 1ª The United Kingdom
Lecc. 2ª Working in the UK
Lecc. 3ª British Education System
Lecc. 4ª Business Introductions
Lecc. 5ª British Festivals/Celebrations
Lecc. 6ª The British Royal Family
Lecc. 7ª Telephoning (I)
Lecc. 8ª Telephoning (II)
Lecc. 9ª Telephoning (II)
Lecc. 10ª Assessment 1
Lecc. 11ª Getting to know London
Lecc. 12ª Business Letters
Lecc. 13ª Emailing
Lecc. 14ª Ensuring writing quality
Lecc. 15ª Assessment 2
Lecc. 16ª Business presentations (I)
Lecc. 17ª Business presentations (II)
Lecc. 18ª Business presentations (III)
Lecc. 19ª Business presentations (IV)
Lecc. 20ª Finding the right job
Lecc. 21ª Assessment 4
Lecc. 22ª Recruitment process (I)
Lecc. 23ª Recruitment process (II)
Lecc. 24ª Interview preparation (I)
Lecc. 25ª Interview preparation (II)


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