The United Kingdom





A. How much do you know about the United Kingdom and the British? What do you know about it?

Write your own answer.

  1. The British Royal Family
  2. London
  3. British politics
  4. British Music


B. Match the pictures to the headings, Who are the people in the pictures or what are the pictures of?

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1) imag1
2) imag2
3) imag3
4) British politics
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C. Now write some notes for each heading.

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1)British politics
3)The British Royal Family
4)British Music
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Test your knowledge (video)

A. You are now going to listen to a quiz of the United Kingdom. The Quiz is multiple choice. Choose the correct answer to each question.

If you find the quiz difficult, you can read the questions and choose the correct answers.

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  1. The united Kingdom (UK) is
  2. We Often refer to the United Kingdom (UK) as
  3. About people live in the UK.
  4. The capital of the united Kingdom is
  5. About people live in London.
  6. Thet wo main political parties in Britain are
  7. The oficial headof state in Britain is the
  8. The name Of the Oficial London residente Of Queen Elizabeth ll is
  9. The British flag is red, blue and
  10. The British flag is called the
  11. Britain's second largest city has a population of about 1 million people.
  12. According to statistics, the second most spoken language in britain is
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Dinner/Tea/Supper Rules

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1)What do you call your evening meal? And at what time do you it?
2)If you it 'tea', and eat it at around half past six, you are almost certainty working class or of working-class origin. (If you a tendency to personalize the meal, calling it 'my tea', 'Our/us tea' and 'your tea' — as in 'I must be going home for my tea', 'What's for us tea, love?' or come back to mine for your tea' — you are probably northern working dass.)
3)If you call the evening meal 'dinner', and eat it at around seven o'clock, you probably Iower-middle or middle-middle.
4)If you normally only use the term 'dinner' for more formal evening meals, and call your inforrnal, family evening meal 'supper' (pronounced 'suppah'), you are probably upper-middle or upper-class. The timing of these meals be more flexible, but a family 'supper' is generally eaten at around half-past seven, while a 'dinner" would usually be later, from half past eight onwards.
5)To everyone but the working clases, 'tea' a light meal taken at around four o' clock in the afternoon, and of tea (the drink) with cakes, scones, jam, biscuits and perhaps little sandwiches traditionally including cucumber sandwiches with the crusts off. The workingdasses this 'afternoon tea', to distinguish it from the evening 'tea' that the rest call supper or dinner.
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B. Speaking/ Writing activity

What are the most interesting facts you have learned today about the United Kingdom and the english.

Write a few notes:

1.  ____________________

2. _____________________

3. _____________________

4. _____________________

5. _____________________

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