Business presentations (II)

In today´s lesson, we are going to start planning the introduction to our presentation. We are going to introduce you to some key language used during the introduction of a presentation. Then, we will look at how to write good and effective Power Point slides.

Let´s begin!


Quiz on Presentation

The following quiz is designed to test your memory and it is about Assessment 3 business presentation.


A. Answer the following questions.

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1)How long does your actual presentation have to be?
2)How long should you leave for questions?
3)What do you have to do a presentation on?
4)How should you structure your presentation?
5)What do you have to use with your presentation?
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Presentation Introduction

The introduction to your presentation is extremely important. It is the first thing that your audience is going to hear. It therefore, needs to be well planned and structured.


In a good presentation, you should:

  • Tell the audience when they can ask questions
  • Give background information on the topic
  • Introduce the topic of the presentation
  • Introduce yourself
  • Outline the structure of your presentation
  • Tell the audience how long the presentation will take
  • Welcome your audience to the presentation


A. Put the points into the correct order according to where they should happen in your presentation.

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B. Match the phrases to the correct part of the presentation introduction




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C. Read the introduction and add a phrase from the exercise above to the gaps.


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Power Point Slides

A. Listen to your teacher. Make notes under the following headings.




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B. Look at the following slides. Which ones are clear and effective and which ones need improving?

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1)Do you know from this slide what the presentation is about? imag113
2)Do you know what the speakers is going to talk about? imag114
3)Do you think this slide is effective? imag115
4)Does this picture match the text on the slide? imag116
5)Are there enough pictures? Is the slide clear? imag117
6)Would this slide keep your attention? imag118
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