Business presentations (III)


In today´s lesson, we are going to focus on finishing the planning stage of our five minute presentations. So far, we have prepared the introduction. We are now going to focus on the main bidy and conclusion. Let´s begin!


Main Body

The structure of the main body is not as rigid as the introduction or conclusion. However, it is extremely important that you guide the listener through the main body. Therefore, you need to use "sing posting" words/phrases. These words/phrases tell the listener exactly what you have done and what you are going to do.

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1)Presentation is better because
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As we have heard, introducing sign posting words and phrases is essential. We are now going to look at a few.


B. Re-order the sentences.

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1) like / of / all / talk / l'd / to / First /about
2) must / l/ that / empha
3) from / As / see / the / you / table / can
4) show / figures / that / The
5) mentioned / As / earlier / I /
6) me / my / now / last / to / point / This / brings
7) move/ to/ like/ of/ to/ the/ I´d/ question/ on
8) new/ Let´s/ to/ a/ topic/ turn/ now
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Sonido 1

C. Here are some additional key main body expressions. Put them into the correct categories.

  • As I mentioned earlier...
  • Let me start by talking about...
  • A summary of the results can be seen on the slide.
  • More on this later on.
  • Looking at the graph, you can see...
  • Well let's move on to the next point
  • Just to repeat what I said earlier
  • This brings me to my last point...
  • If we focus on the table/chart


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You may want to include some form of data into your presentation. Here are the different data types.


D. Label the following types of data

  • Graph
  • Pie chart
  • Bar chart
  • Table

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1) imag120
2) imag121
3) imag122
4) imag123
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When you planned your introduction in Lesson 18, you gave an outline of your presentation.

For a five minute presentation you can talk about two/three points in your main body (one minute on each area). As you are talking about acompany that you worked for, there are many things you could talk about. Look at the list below; pick one idea from topic 1, and one from topic 2 and 3, and plan your introduction and main body on these areas.





Now plan your main body usign some of the expressions from today´s lesson.

NOTES: ________________________________________________________






For a five minutes presentation, the conclusion should be approximately 45 seconds to one minute. As with the introduction, the conclusion is extremely rigid.


A. What information do you think you should include inthe conclusion? (your own answer)


B. Here is a list of possible things that you could include. Which ones apply to the main body (MB) and which apply to the conclusion (C).

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1)Go back to the second pic
2)Sum up the talk
3)Introduce the first topic
4)Ask the audience tf they have any questions
5)Refer to a graph to back up information
6)Thank the audience for their attention
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Listen to check your answers

Sonido 2


C. You are now going to watch the conclusion of a presentation. What is the order of the conclusion? Put the following areas into the correct order according to the presentation. 

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1) Ask the audience if they have any questions.
2) Sum up the talk.
3) Thank the audience for their attention.
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D. Listening again fill in the gaps. 

Sonido 3 

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1)This brings me to the end of my talk. So, to , let me briefly go through the main points of my presentation. , I gave you some background information about the company that I used to work for. I talked to you about my responsabilities in the role that I had , I spoke about what I learned from working for this company. I hope my presentation. Let me finish by you all for your attention. Now, if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.
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Practice using the above conclusion out loud. Pay particular attention to the pronunciation and intonation of the phrases.

Now, it´s your turn to finish your presentation.

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