Business presentations (IV)

In our final lesson on business presentations, we are going to look at how to tackle the questions and answer session which usually takes place at the end of your presentation. We will then look at different ways you can improve your presentation. In order to do this, we will look at some key points that examiners and listeners are looking for. Finally we will look at a couple of sections from different presentations and you can comment on their strengths and weaknesses and how they can be improved. Let's begin. 


Questions and Answers

At the end of a presentation, the audience is asking questions.



A. Choose the correct answer:

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  1. Questions are a good way
  2. The content of the questions
  3. The audience can
  4. When a member of the audience wants to ask a questions
  5. The audience should
  6. When you are at the planning stage of your presentation
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Possible generic questions

A. Fill in the gaps with a maximum of two words.

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1)I didn't really understand what you said about. Could you please that again?
2)I was a bit confused by the graph you showed us, is there you can go through it again?
3)What did you when you said 'the job was not rewarding'
4)Could you go into your responsibilities in more ?
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Think about the possible questions that the audience may ask you and plan answers to them.


What listeners want to hear


A. When you listen to a presentation, how important are the following to you? 1 is not very important 10 is essential (own answer)



In an English language teaching environment, all of the points above are extremely important. When marking a presentation, I usually have to complete the form below. Therefore you should consider these points when preparing and practising your own presentations.





B. You are going to listen to your teacher give some advice on presentations based on the form above. Look at the headings in C and see if you can guess what advice your teacher is going to give.

(Write your own answer)


Sonido 1


C. Now, listen to yor teacher and make notes under the following headings and take the comments into consideration when you practice your own presentation.

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Presentation Examples

A. You are now going to watch the introduction of one of the presentations. Fill in the form based on the presenters presentation skills.




B. How could be the presenter have improved her introduction? (own answer)




C. You are now going to watch a small part of a presentation main body. Fill in the form based on accuracy and fluency.




D. How could the present have improved her accuracy and fluency?




E. You are now going to watch the conclusion from one presentation. Fill in the form based on the content.




F. How could the presenter have improved their conclusion?




Now it is your turn to complete Assessment 3, a five minute business presentation. Good luck!

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