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lunes, 20 agosto 2018 español
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Getting to know London

If you are thinking of working in London or are already working in London, the following lesson can help you. In this lesson, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important sights in London. You are going to get to know the London Underground System and also find out some facts about some of the most important places in London.


Famous London Sights

A. Look at the photos below which have been taken of famous sights in London. Do you recognise them? Check your answers. 

1) imag64
2) imag65
3) imag66
4) imag67
5) imag68
6) imag69
7) imag71
8) imag71
9) imag72
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Listening and speaking.

Sonido 1

A. You are going to listen to someone describe four famous London attractions. Which attractions does she describe? 

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The London Underground

If get the opportunity to work in London, you will undoubtedly have to use the Underground, or 'the tube' which most Londoners call it. In order to carry out the following exercises, you will need to download the map of the London underground: https://www.tfl.gov.uk/cdn/static/cms/documents/standard-tube-map.pdf


Answer the following questions using the London Underground map.


A. How many underground lines are there?

1) (Please note that the London Overground is not part of the London Underground System)
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B. Look at the following letters and put them in order to create a London underground line.  


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C. Look at the underground map and answer the questions:

1)Which station lies between the station of Borough and Kennington on the Northern Line?
2)Is it possible to change directly from the Piccadilly Line to the Bakerloo Line at only one station. Which one?
3)Which station lies between the stations of Paddington and Marylebone on the Bakerloo Line?
4)Which Line would you be travelling on if you stopped at Maida Vale station?
5)At which station do the Lines Victoria, Northern, Hammersmith and City, Circle, Piccadilly and Metropolitan all meet together?
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D. Give directions on how to get to the following places. Write in complete sentences.


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Quiz: Getting know London

This Quiz can be carried out by walking around London when you arrive or before you arrive in London and by using the internet to find the answers.


Walking Quiz — Instructions

You Will need the following:

  • pen
  • Quiz questions
  • Map of London
  • Water Cif s a warm day)

Approximate duration of Quiz: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Starting Place: Trafalgar Square


Internet Quiz — Instructions

You will be able to find the answers to the questions by using the following methods:

  • Search engines (please write the questions in English and do not copy directly from the Quiz sheet!)
  • Wikipedia
  • Map of London

Let´s begin. Good luck! 


Trafalgar Square

1)Who is standing on the high plinth in Trafalgar Square?
2)How many lions are there in the square?
3)What is the name of the museum located in the square? What type of museum is it?
4)What famous landmark can you see from one of the corners of the square?
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Leicester Square

1)How many cinemas are there in the square?
2)Where could you go if you wanted to win some money?
3)What is the name of the radio station that has its headquafters in the square?
4)Who is the statue of in the small park in the middle? From what century is the statue?
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1)What is the name of the main street where China town is located?
2)What is the most unusual thing you can see in the Chinese supermarket? (walking only)
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Piccadilly Circus

1)What is the name of the famous sports shop in Piccadilly Circus?
2)When you are standing Piccadilly Circus, how many streets surround you? List the names of the streets.
3)Where would you go if you wanted to find out some interesting facts?
4)What is on at the Criterion theatre? (might change)
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1)What is the name of the famous art museum on Piccadilly?
2)Where could you go if you wanted to buy a French cake? (there might be more than one option) (walking only)
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St James's Palace

1)How many guards' boxes are there outside the palace?
2)Who lives in the palace?
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Buckingham Palace

1)What does it mean if the flag at Buckingham Palace is flying?
2)What is the name of the road that leads directly to Buckingham Palace?
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