Assessment 4

In lessons 22-26 we will focus on preparing you for Assessment 4, which is a job interview for a position that was found on a recruitment website in the UK. In the UK, once you have found a job that you are interested in applying for there are three stages that you have to follow: (1) Prepare CV (Curriculum Vitae) to match the position you are applying for, (2) write a covering letter and (3) attend an interview. 


Assessment 4: Job Advertisement


Here is the job advertisement for the job that you will be applying for. Read the advertisement and answer the questions.




A. Answer the following questions giving much information as posible. Write in complete sentences.

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1)What is the name of the company recruiting for the position?
2)What is the salary?
3)Where is the company located?
4)Who would you be the Personal Assistant to?
5)What does CEO stand for?
6)What skills are needed for the position? (list 3)
7)What duties would you be expected to do on a daily basis? (list 3)
8)What kinds of activities do think are 'General PA duties'? (list 3) If necessary, look the answer up on the internet.
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Responsibilities of a PA


B. The advert mentions some of the responsibilities that the job has. Which do you think you will be doing every day (ED), weekly (W) or monthly (M)?

  • Personal and business administration for the CEO
  • Diary management
  • Travel bookings - flights/taxis/liaising with Company driver
  • Organising events / functions
  • Hotel and restaurant arrangements
  • General PA duties 


C. Listen to an enterview between a reporter and a Personal Assistant. Check your answers from the above question.


Sonido 1



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1)Personal and business administration for the CEO
2)Diary management
3)Travel bookings - flights/taxis/liaising with Company driver
4)Organising events / functions
5)Hotel and restaurant arrangements
6)General PA duties
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D. Listen again and answer the following questions.

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1)What does the PA like about her job?
2)What qualities do you essentially need to be a good PA?
3)What information does the PA have to give to the restaurant when she makes a booking?
4)What does she believe is the best part of the job?
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Audio Script




Skills required for the job


E. Match the skill needed with the responsibility. There may be two correct answers.

  • Ability to prioritise
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent organisation skills
  • Good at time management
  • Good attention to detail


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