Temario curso de Inglés





Lesson 1 Arriving at the airport
Lesson 2 Catching a bus
Lesson 3 At a hostel
Lesson 4 Enquiries into renting an apartment
Lesson 5 Looking at an apartment
Lesson 6 Moving in
Lesson 7 At the train station
Lesson 8 Starting a job
Lesson 9 Meeting colleagues
Lesson 10 At the hairdressers
Lesson 11 At a party
Lesson 12 At home
Lesson 13 Opening a bank account
Lesson 14 Buying a mobile phone
Lesson 15 Going shopping
Lesson 16 Going for lunch
Lesson 17 An unfortunate situation
Lesson 18 At the police station
Lesson 19 Text Messages
Lesson 20 Going on a date
Lesson 21 At the doctors
Lesson 22 Problems with the apartment
Lesson 23 Going to the cinema
Lesson 24 At the dentist
Lesson 25 Going to the theatre
Lesson 26 In the office
Lesson 27 Joining a gym
Lesson 28 At a language school
Lesson 29 Buying a car
Lesson 30 Going on a day trip