Going for lunch

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1.- Listening


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2.- Vocabulary

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3)Cranberry juice
5)Medium rare
7)Brussels sprouts
9)Minced meat
14)It tastes stale!
18)To pay fifty fifty
19)It´s my treat
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3.- Follow Up

Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word/verb from the list above. If necessary, change the form and tense of the verb.

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1)When the waitress brought the pizza to the table it looked and not very crispy.
2)Every morning I drink a glass of with my breakfast.
3)The vegerarian restaurant that Tara and Michelle went to last week had a lot of dishes with . Luckily they both liked that vegetable.
4)Alex didn´t want to but the food was awful, so he considered it necessary.
5)Sara loves to put carrot in her salad.
6)Whe I went to the butchers I specifically asked for steak. I hate fat!
7)I foy leave a bottle of lemonade in the fridge for a couple of weeks, it is bound to go .
8)They all looked at the restaurants´ and decided to go for the house paté.
9)My gradma´s food is always very
10)When Maria and Chris went out on their first date they
11)The ceesecake was so that she ordered another one.
12)Sara doesn´t like the taste of in her coffee, so she always uses sugar.
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