An unfortunate situation

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1.- Listening

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2.- Vocabulary

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2)Keep the change
4)To be blind drunk
7)In a rush
8)To barge into
9)To trip over
11)To punch
12)To slap
14)To mug
15)Shaken up
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3.- Follow Up

Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word/verb from the list above. If necessary, change the form and tense of the verb.

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1)Unfortunately, there are a lot of people living on the streets of London
2)The word is a derogative way of calling someone who lives on the street.
3)I hate carrying coins in my pockets, therefore, whenever I pay in a bar or restaurant, I always tell the staff .
4)Last night, on his way homem Julian was by a man in his late thirties.
5)My mum was so angry with me that she me in the face.
6)The lads dranks so much beer that when the bar closed they were all
7)Amy´s cat was a vicious cat. Amy´s arm was always full of
8)He was such that he left his mobile phone in the office.
9)Susannaha´s trousers are so long that she keeps
10)Clire is renowned for . Sometimes when you speak to her she is not really listening to you, she is in another world.
11)The addict´s body was coverred with from where he had injected himself.
12)There was a fight outside the pub. One guy another guy in the face.
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