At the police station

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1.- Listening


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2.- Vocabulary

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8)Lip gloss
9)Nail file
14)To have a limp
16)GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm)
20)Cold turkey
21)To reclaim
22)Fingers Crossed
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3.- Follow Up

Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word/verb from the list above. If necessary, change the form and tense of the verb.

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1)Last year I left my at the bank. Luckily someone picked it up and gave it to a member of staff.
2) were really fashionable when I was a teenager. Everyone wore them.
3)When most drug addicts try and give up drugs they suffer from
4)Sara alwyas keeps a in her handbag.
5)Last night there was this terrible in the street. A man had stolen a woman´s mobile ohone.
6)Nigel went at the age of 29 after suffert¿ing from a terrible illness.
7)Roberto was renowbed for always having a . Then one day he shaved it off and nobody recognised him.
8)They put the criminals in the and left them there for 10 hours.
9)On my way home my stopped working. I could only hear the music on one ear.
10)After he broke his let, John found it difficult to walk. He had a terrible
11)In the interview, the interviewer asked Maria os she had any criminal
12)In UK, it is an to use your mobile phone whilst driving.
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