Text Messages

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1.- Listening


Everyday millions of text messages are sent and received. When writing a txt msg in England, a lot of people like to use abbreviations or shorten sentences so that txt msgs are easier to write. You are now going to view some examples.




2.- Abbreviations & Vocabulary

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3.- Follow Up

Put the following text messages into a shortened format.

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1)Hello Louis. Hope you are well. What are you doing on Wednesday night? Do you fancy going for a drink?
2)Alex, on Saturday, I would like to take the kids to the zoo. Do you want to come?
3)Sounds good to me. What time would you like to leave? Lots of love Alex. PS Don´t forget it´s my birthday on Monday!
4)I have got to take the dog to the vets at half past six - so please be home early today.
5)Last week I sent you five messages and you didn´t reply. Is everything ok?
6)I forgot to tell you, John and Jim are coming for dinner tonight. Can you please pick up bottle or wine? Thanks
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