At the doctors

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1.- Listening


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2.- Vocabulary

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1)To register
3)To fill out
4)Utility bill
8)Iron deficiency
10)Blood test
11)To burn the candle at both ends
14)To faint
19)The flu
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3.- Follow Up

Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word/verb from the list above. If necessary, change the form and tense of the verb.

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1)Her are always rosy during the cold winter months.
2)He rang the to see if he could make an appoinment to see Dr. Brown
3)Mirealle hadn´t eaten all day. When she got to the party she thought she was going
4)Alex has a very busy he works a lor and is always going out with his friends.
5)Last year, my Nana got . She felt terrible and was in bed for two weeks.
6)When you have a cold, Doctors advise you drink lots of
7)From the age of three, I suffered from terrible . As a result, at the age of twuelve I had to have an operation.
8)The results of his showed that he had diabetes.
9)After falling down the staris, Tony had a painful ankle.
10) is very common with university students. During the day they attend lectures and in the evening they go parties!
11)The Doctor told Sara to cahnge her as it was causing her to alwyas feel tired.
12)After having my tonsils out, my hurt for weeks.
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