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Arriving at the airport

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1.- Listening


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On the run-away after landing


2.- Vocabulary

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3)Local time
6)Passport control
7)To speed up
8)Mobile phone
11)Conveyor belt
13)Flight number
14)National Express
15)To clear customs
16)Information Point
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3.- Follow Up

Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word/verb from the list above. If necessary, change the form and tense of the verb.

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1)Most town centres have a /an where you can find out local events.
2)The time to madrid from London is approximately 2 hours.
3)They collected their luggage from the and the left the airport
4)I look on the to check my boarding time.
5)The was so smooth that everyone congratulated the pilot.
6)Announcement heard at the airport left unattended will be removed and destroyed.
7)My boyfriend has two : one is for personal use and the other is for work use.
8)Her in Turkey was very pleasant. She visited lots of different places and met lots of interesting people.
9)They were on the but not abble to take off because there was a queue of 4 aeroplanes.
10)Sara looked at her boarding pass to find out her .
11)There a lots of different that fly Madrid from London but Tom prefered British Airways.
12)Once the family had they went to look for a taxi.
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