Looking at an apartment

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1.- Listening

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2.- Vocabulary

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1)Nice to meet you
4)To be a lightsleeper
5)Post box
6)Dry cleaners
7)Off licence
9)Letter box
10)Post man
11)To pick up
14)To lock
16)To turn on
18)Bean bag
23)To sign
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3.- Follow Up

Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word/verb from the list above. If necessary, change the form and tense of the verb.

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1)Everyday, except Sunday, the distributes letters and parcels throughout England.
2)Last month we got installed because the road inwich we live in is very noisy.
3)When the rang, I went to the door and found my grandparents standing there. They had come to surprise me!
4) is a essential in many circumstances. I always have it when I go on holiday and by law I have it for my car.
5)It´s very living in a large town, you have lots shops nearby.
6)Suzy´s living room is always so . There are lots of cushions everywhere.
7)On Friday night the girls sat in a bar and listened to Maria´s .
8)I´m such a . I wake up every morning when my neighbour's alarm goes off!
9)After studyin for nine years, Tom finally became a fully qualified .
10)Fiona moved into her flat 2 months ago and she is very unhappy. She says that her flat mates don´t give her any . They are always going into her room and asking her questions.
11)Yesterday I went to the post office a special delivery.
12)I sent John to the to get some wine for the party.
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