Viewing a room

Lesson 12 – Viewing a room





2.- Sarah rings the bell



A.     Choose the correct answer.

1.      In the kitchen, there is / isn’t a dishwasher.

2.      Sarah can / cannot use the television and DVD player.

3.      In the bedroom there is / isn’t a television. 


3.- Sarah and the landlord discuss the room




B. Answer the questions.

1.      How much is the room per week?

2.      Does the price of the room include internet use?

3.      How much is the deposit?

4.      When will Sarah move in? 


4.- Numbers




C. Write out the numbers.

1.      6 + 10 = 16

2.      £15.20

3.      £18.09




D. Write the numbers.

1.      £385

2.      £1560

3.      £10,299


5.- Language Bank 




Make conversations using the Language Bank.

6.- Practice

Imagine you want to move to a new house.  What questions would you ask the landlord?

E. Complete the sentences.

·         Does the kitchen have…?

·         Does the living room have…?

·         Is it possible to have…?

·         Does the price include…?

·         When…?


Answers - Lessons 11


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