Checking out of the hotel

Lesson 13– Checking out of the hotel


1.- Situation



2.- Checking out





A.  Choose the correct answer. 

1.      Sarah stayed in room

a)      307

b)      317

c)      37


2.      From the minibar, last night Sarah had a chocolate bar and a

a)      still water

b)      Sprite

c)      sparkling water


3.      Sarah’s total bill came to

a)      £95

b)      £9500

    c)      £950


3.- The Minibar




B. Answer the questions. 

1.      You are hungry and you would like to buy a snack which costs less than £1.00 (100p).         What can you buy?

2.      Which snack would cost you more than £1.50?

3.      Which is the most expensive soft drink on the menu?

4.      Which is the cheapest soft drink on the menu?

5.      Which is the most expensive spirit on the menu?

6.      What would you choose from the menu if you were hungry and thirsty?


4.- Leaving the hotel




C.     True or false?



5.- Langauge bank



Make conversations using the Language Bank.


6.- Practice

Role-play conversations at check out.  Use the information below for information.




Answers - Lessons 12


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