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Meeting a house mate

Lesson 14 – Meeting a house mate


1.- Situation



2.- Meeting Sam




A. Match the questions to the answers. 




B. Underline all of the questions in the dialogue and answer them with your own answers.


3.- Getting to know Sam




C.     Answer the questions.

1.      Where was Sam born?

2.      What is her job?

3.      Where does she work?

4.      How long has she worked there?

5.      Does Sam enjoy her job?

6.      How long was she at university? 




4.- Language Bank



Make conversations using the Language Bank.


 5.- Practice

D.   Situation: Someone wants to get to know you.  They ask you the following questions. Prepare your answers.


·         Are you French?

·         Where are you from?

·         Where were you born?

·         What do you do?

·         How long have you been a (job)?

·         Do you enjoy your job?

·         What did/do you study?


Can you think of some other questions that people typically ask when they meet someone for the first time? 


Answers - Lessons 13


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