Exercise: The Present Perfect Simple

Complete the following dialogue using verbs from the boxes:


forget catch shut drive take tell break burn ride spend


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You know, Adam's brother. The one who to Grece and back on a bicycle three times.
Oh, goodness!
What's the matter?
I to order the glasses. What are we going to do?
I'll phone Brad ans ask him to bring some. He's got plenty.
Fine. I already him to bring some more plates.
Oh no!
(from the order room) Now what?
I just my beautiful blue china dish. Now how am I going to serve the vegetables?
I smell burning.
What? Damm! I the potatoes! I'll have to cook some more.
Don't worry. It's only 4.30. The shops yet. I'll go and buy another dish.
That's nice of you. You that car about 230 miles today - all between here and the shops!
Yes, and I about $20. Aatchoo!!
You a cold, haven't you!
I think so. I two aspirins but I don't feel very well.
(Ring) Oh, there's the doorbell. They'are arriving already.
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