Exercise: The Present Perfect Simple

Complete the following dialogue using verbs from the boxes:


cook mend put borrow lay meet go sing make buy


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Hurry up! The guests are arriving in two hours!
Ok, Ok. you the cake yet?
Yes, and I the meat. All the food is ready. Maria to the shop to get the drinks?
YEs, she has and I the olives, the peanuts and the cocktail sticks. I went to the supermarket at luch time.
Good. Now, what else?
Well you the table yet. Shall I help you? red
Yes. I already all the crockery and cutlery on the sideboard, and the tablecloth is in that drawer.
Elliot the record-player yet? It wasn't working yesterday.
Yes. And he a lot of records from his friends for the evening. Are you going to sing those funny French songs toninght?
What? I any songs for years. The records will be fine. Anyway Pharrell Williams is coming. He's a real singer.
Pharrell Williams? I him. Who is he?
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