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The Present Perfect Simple v. the Past Simple

Complete the following using verbs from the box: 

Note: climb (2) means use climb twice:


travel climb(2) do reach land find sail (2) use


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1)In 1785 Blanchard across the English Channel in a hot-air balloon.
2)Several men and woman Mount Everest in the last 25 years.
3)Nobody the source of the Ganges yet.
4)No astronaut on Mars yet.
5)In 1969 Sir Francis Chichester a small boat round the world alone.
6)In 1911 many nations research in the Antarctic.
7)In 1953 Hillary and Tensing Mount Everest in the last 25 years.
8)Since 1911 Amundsen the South Pole.
9)People ballons for sport, for scientific research and for weatherforecasting for the last 200 years.
10)Many people across the atlantic in small boiats recently.
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