Exercise: The Past Simple: irregular verbs - affirmative

Complete the following sentences, with the verbs from the boxes:


sell leave say keep cost buy lose catch cost put


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1)Many Indians the first white men in America were gods!
2)In the 14th century millions of people in England the plague and died.
3)Young George Washigton : 'I cannot tell a lei'
4)In the old days a person his or her seal on important letters.
5)This deal the American government $8,2000.000
6)General Custer the battle of the Little Big Horn; he and all his men died.
7)For cenuries the Incas llamas as domestic animals.
8)Columbus Spain in August 1492 and discovered America on October.
9)In 1803 the United States Lousiana from Napoleon for 15 million dollars.
10)Russia Alaska to the United States in 1867.
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