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Exercise: The Past Simple: irregular verbs - affirmative and interrogative

Complete the following with verbs from the box:


speak(2) shake meet hold write run win stand grow fall lead fly


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1)When the Greeks the battle of Marathon in 490 BC, a messenger all the way back to Athens with the news.
2)Wich plane Lindbergh across the atlantic in 1927? 'The Spirit of St Louis'
3)A pilot once 6,000 metres from a plane without a parachute - and survived.
4)The lighthouse at alexandria, once of the wonders of the ancient world, at the mpouth of the city´s harbour.
5)The ancient Britons religious ceremonies at Stonechenge, a circle of huge stones.
6)How many plays Shakespeare ? About 36.
7)The explorers Standley and Livinsgtone hands when they in the African jungle in 1871.
8)Thousands of years ago, farmers crops on what is now the Sahara Desert.
9) Napoleon the French army or the Russian army?
10) the Romans Greek fluently? R: I'm not sure. Some of them Greek to their slaves.
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