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The Past Simple: Irregular verbs (affirmative)

Complete the following with verbs from the box: 


begin stand meet read forget sit shine give dig begin


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1)When we were leaving the house, it suddenly to rain.
2)Sally her mother a lovely Colombian shawl for Christmas.
3)I a lot ot books at university, but now I read very little.
4)Chris his homework, so he had to go back home to get it.
5)Instead of going out, they at home by the fire all evening watching TV.
6)The Smiths a big hole at the end of the garden and buried the rubbish in it.
7)He his first wife on a flight to Canada, and they were married only two days later.
8)Mary Ann a new bicycle for her last birthday.
9)Last saturday the sun all day, for a change.
10)Clive in a queue at the corner of the street with his hands in his pockets for a half an hour waiting for a bus.
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