Ejercicios - Conjunciones

1. Completa las siguientes oraciones con una conjunción. (Aparte de la solución que se indica puede haber otras alternativas igualmente válidas)

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1)He promised to go to the party at the end he stayed at home
2)The climbers were exhausted; they could reach the top
3)I speak English or French
4)Last year he bought a new car a new house
5)I have studied English all my life; I don't speak well
6)The police are not sure this has been a terrorist attack
7) Spain and Portugal became members of the European Union the same year
8)We didn't have enough money, we decided to postpone our trip
9)I should buy either a car a motorbike
10)He didn't enjoy the party left very early
11)Not only did he loose his wallet also his car keys
12)Yesterday I met an old friend we talked for almost an hour
13)He was condemned he had a very convincing alibi
14)His party won the past elections; he will be the next President (formal)
15)I don't know if I should call my mother now do it a bit later
16)If you see my brother, please tell him mum wants to speak to him
17) he left prison he started a completely new life
18)Their marriage worked they argued very often
19)I am sure that he will win a gold medal or a silver one
20)Not only have they been to the Caribbean Sea also to Argentina
21) you go to bed now, tomorrow you won't get up early
22)My father wanted to buy a new car he didn't have enough money
23)The President has promised he will lower the taxes
24)He likes tennis nor football
25)He wasn't invited to the wedding he went all the same
26)You have to decide whether to come with us to stay at home
27)He both plays sings really well
28)He didn't pass the exam he couldn't enter the university
29)My son my daughter can look after your children
30) lions and tigers can be very dangerous
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