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  • I study and my brother watches TV

As (mientras; la 2° acción ocurre antes de que la 1° haya finalizado, o evolucionan paralelamente)

  • As he grew older he became more aggressive

Because (porque)

  • You cannot go to the party because you are too young

Both ... and

  • Both the Spanish team and the English one play football quite well


  • I studied very hard but I didn't pass the exam

Either ... or

  • I have to decide to go either to Paris or to London

However (como quiera, sin embargo)

  • I explained my problem to him, however he didn't understand it

If (si -condicional-)

  • If he studys he will pas his exams

Neither ... nor

  • I like neither this tie nor that one

Nevertheless (sin embargo)

  • I didn't receive an invitation to the party; nevertheless I went there

Not only ... but also

  • My brother not only speaks French but also German


  • From here to Gibraltar you can go by train or by car

Otherwise (de otro modo)

  • We must leave now, otherwise we will lose our flight

So (por lo tanto)

  • It was raining a lot, so we decided to rest at home

That (que)

  • I didn't know that you had bought a new car

Therefore (mismo significado que "so" pero más formal)

  • I had fever; therefore I didn't go to work

Though (aunque, pero) ("Although" tiene el mismo significado pero es más formal)

  • He didn't admit his fault, though he knew it was his responsibility

Unless (a menos que)

  • Unless you study more you won´t pass your exams

When (cuando; las dos oraciones ocurren simultáneamente o una detrás de la otra)

  • When the weather is good lots of people go to the beach


Diferencia entre When / as

Las 2 se utilizan para acciones paralelas.

La conjunción "when" también se utiliza cuando una acción ocurre después de la otra:

  • When you finish your homework you will play with your friends

"As" también se emplea cuando una acción ocurre antes que finalice la otra

  • As I flew to Barcelona I started feeling bad

While (mientras)

  • While I was away my house was burgled
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