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Ejercicios (cont.) - Verbos + preposiciones

1. Completa las siguientes oraciones con una preposición.

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1)He didn't come last night; What could have happened him?
2)You cannot blame your son the accident; he drove carefully
3)The bus crashed a fountain but no one was injured
4)When she left the hospital she thanked the doctors their treatment
5)Margaret is so nice! All the time smiling me
6)You must punish your son breaking the window
7)Your brother is crazy; he threw a hammer me
8)My wife objected my idea of selling the house
9)When the fire broke out in the building the neighbours prepared the evacuation
10)I explained that theory my son
11)Look the sky! It is full of stars
12)You should protect your kids the sun with some lotion
13)The general director spoke his team about the new plans
14)This morning I had to remind my son his exam
15)I am looking forward my holidays
16)Can you throw that magazine me, please?
17)John, you should apologise to the teacher your behaviour
18)I prefer Picasso Dalí
19)Last night I dreamt our next trip
20)Please, don't insist that subject; the decision has been taken
21)Could you divide this cake 5 parts?
22)You should forgive him that mistake
23)Do you know who can translate this document German to Spanish?
24)You cannot compare the present situation the one that existed ten years ago
25)When he was young he succeeded rugby
26)I will complain to the chef the meal
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