Ejercicios (cont.) - Conjunciones

1. Completa las siguientes oraciones con una conjunción. (Aparte de la solución que se indica puede haber otras alternativas igualmente válidas)

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1)I voted for him; I don't totally agree with his ideas
2) you change your behaviour, you will have problems with your boss
3)He wasn't the favourite; he won the tournament
4)What do you want, coffee tea?
5)I like listening to music a lot it relax me
6) you had studied a bit harder you would have passed your exams
7)I prepared breakfast my wife was still sleeping
8) you finish the ironing, please place the clothes in the wardrobe
9)I watched her she danced
10) alcohol and tobacco are very harmful for our health
11)Now he can be either at home in the office
12)He didn't convince the judge, he was condemned
13) you hurry up you will miss your train
14)I had lost my passport; I could not travel to USA
15)He was really brilliant, he wasn't successful in his professional life
16)The police want to speak to you you saw the accident
17)Caroline didn't speak French she had lived in Paris for 10 years (formal)
18)He didn't speak Spanish; he understood what I told him
19)My son studies my daughter listens to music
20)I could do my homework I waited for the train to go back home
21)My sister is vegetarian; she eats meat nor fish
22)The hurricane reached the cost; the fishing fleet stayed in the port
23)James didn't confess he was a member of that gang
24)Not only has he lost his job also his wife has left him
25)They were very much in love their marriage didn't work
26)I am very angry with my children they don't obey me
27)The accused not only attacked the old couple also burnt their car
28) you convince your mother you can go with us to the cinema
29) he arrived home he saw the police there waiting for him
30)This Saturday we can go to the beach or to the mountains
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