Ejercicios - Adjetivos seguidos de preposiciones (Cont)

1. Completa las siguientes oraciones con una preposición.

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1)My family is completely shocked his death
2)I am very pleased my promotion
3)It was very clever the robber to be able to pass all the security checks
4)It is unreasonable you to demand that compensation
5)When I was in the Caribbean I was afraid the hurricanes
6)It was silly you to enter in that shop with your dog
7)He was jealous her former boyfriend
8)I was very disappointed my colleagues
9)William was annoyed his wife for buying a new washing-machine
10)His father was always very mean him
11)I am delighted this weather
12)Thomas was amazed her superb performance
13)I am tired this stupid book
14)Simon has always been very successful making money
15)The child was very sorry breaking the window
16)It is excellent your health to run half an hour every morning
17)The president is responsible the results of the company
18)Your car is similar mine
19)I am ready my wedding
20)The parents were anxious the results of their son's operation
21)That spy was capable betraying his country
22)Janet was always envious her sister's beauty
23)You have always been very good me
24)I am really satisfied my new car
25)This mother was very proud her daughter
26)The students were nervous their examination results
27)It is disgusting! This beach is full rubbish
28)My sister is engaged my best friend
29)Richard is terrified flying
30)I am very keen playing tennis
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