Ejercicios - Verbos + preposiciones

1. Completa las siguientes oraciones con una preposición.

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1)Next Friday I have to look my kids
2)He lost control of his car and ran the news-stand
3)You must think your marriage; it doesn't work
4)Last Sunday I had to borrow a tennis racket my brother
5)That old lady spent all her money gambling
6)Our president persists his arguments to oppose the merger
7)I have been thinking your proposals but I definitively cannot accept it
8)This scarf belongs my wife
9)I didn't hear your divorce
10)Do you believe God?
11)Have you heard that the prime minister has died a heart attack?
12)You should write your parents; you haven't seen them for a very long time
13)Be quiet, please! Your brother has to concentrate his exam
14)The embassy provided the detainee legal assistance
15)What a party! Tom was all night talking his girlfriend
16)Victoria cannot come with us; she has to take care her youngest brother
17)I want to congratulate you your birthday
18)The father shouted his son when he threw the stone
19)If you have finished your studies you should apply a job
20)I warned you your neighbours
21)You should ask your brother money
22)The police has accused these detainees being responsible of the terrorist attacks
23)That African country depends foreign aid for survival
24)In class you must listen the teacher
25)He cannot walk; he suffers a very rare disease
26)Have you invited my cousins the party?
27)We should look a new flat; this one has become too small for us
28)I am getting angry; they are laughing me
29)After the accident we had to wait the judge
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