Ejercicios - Adjetivos seguidos de preposiciones

1. Completa las siguientes oraciones con una preposición.

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1)He was impressed the prices of the houses
2)The man is very fond his son
3)I think that Daniel is not fit the marathon
4)It was very nice you to lend me your car
5)Thomas was surprised his boss's decision
6)When I was a child I was frightened wolves
7)I am completely ashamed your behaviour
8)The teacher was conscious her efforts
9)I am used working very hard
10)It is very good you to practice tennis
11)He was really angry his neighbour for doing barbecues
12)It was very intelligent you to call the police
13)You have been always generous me
14)I am not used criticisms!
15)We are short coffee; we should buy some
16)I am very suspicious her kindness
17)It has been very polite your parents to invite me for dinner
18)I am very upset today's earthquake in Spain
19)My wife is very interested French cooking
20)Gary is very bad foreign languages
21)According his information our company has merged with an Italian one
22)You have been very rude your sister
23)My brother was furious me for taking his racket
24)It was very stupid the referee to award a penalty to the visiting team
25)It was very kind him to help me with my exam
26)I am scared that man who looked at me persistently
27)I am aware your claim but I cannot do nothing
28)Jack is very famous his music
29)In August the Spanish beaches are crowded tourists
30)My friend has got married an English girl
31)I regret to tell you that you are not prepared this exam
32)You are completely different your brothers and sisters
33)I am very worried my son's health
34)I am excited going to the beach this weekend
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